Strategy. A simple word, but with a whole lot of meaning. It’s the difference between spending marketing dollars and investing them for a return.

There are now mini razors for traveling, as if razors were not compact enough. Greek yogurt popsicles. Chef designed recipes delivered to your door by Plated. All of these products or services are geared towards a niche audience, despite numerous close competitors in their respective industries.

Marketing is about positioning your business in the marketplace, and communicating in a way that allows you to receive the biggest return.

As the founder of Sweb Marketing, I spend time consulting with businesses on brand strategy. What are the patterns that can be identified across their competitors? Or their target audience? A few things to keep in mind:

  • Tactics vs strategy - It’s not just about how to get out your brand or product out there as quickly as possible. Those are just tactics. It’s about why — and when and where and who and what for that matter.
  • Don’t stay attached to every single thought - It’s great to come up with a creative tagline, but where are you going to use that tagline? How does it fit into the key messaging of your business? Set up your objectives up front … then come up with creative taglines that work.
  • Look at your competitors - It’s not about copying, it’s about auditing. Ensure that your unique selling proposition is actually unique. From picking a different color scheme if all of your competitors are using blue, to telling a true story with your marketing as opposed to just listing details about your business. How will you stand out?
  • Effectiveness - The biggest mistake I see with small businesses is that they do not track their marketing. If you’re spending $500 on a phone book ad every month, and yet none of your customers are hearing about you from the phone book, it’s time to reconsider. Put a system in place with your administrative staff. Have them ask each customer how they heard about your business and take note. No reason to spend money with no visible return.

That being said, please put together a strategic plan upfront. It will truly help to guide your marketing efforts. Stay thoughtful not tactical.

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