347 million people. That sure is a lot of people. And with 40% of those users checking their profile daily, LinkedIn is truly an effective tool for lead generation.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows you to establish professionalism and credibility with colleagues, potential referral sources, and if you’re marketing a service or product, clients.

A few simple tips:

  • Thoughtfully fill our your LinkedIn profile and keep it current - be sure to link to the company page of your employer(s).
  • Use a professional photo.
  • Take 5 minutes every week to endorse people - this allows you to stay top of mind with those professionals.
  • Tired of the standard email follow-up after a networking event? Connect on LinkedIn. That lead can then learn more about your position, company, and past experiences.

Think about it, if you see someone on LinkedIn and their profile is just their name, no photo, and 5 connections, they’re not making an effort to interact with the business world as we know it in 2015. Want to learn more? Shoot me an email and we can set up a consultation. Use social media to start a new kind of conversation.