Are you a small business just trying to find your way in the world of marketing to promote your business? There is so much jargon out there that even Sweb is guilty of using, so it’s time to break it all down. Here are some of the key terms you may come across, and exactly what they mean.

Navigation - Those buttons on top of a website (or hey, sometimes on the side) that tell you what part of the site you will go to if you click on them (home, about us, etc.)

Static - Staying in one spot. For example, the “Donate” button will remain static throughout your website

Boost (in reference to Facebook) - The act of throwing a couple of dollars at your FB post so more people in your audience will get to see it.

Tactic - A specific method used to promote a good or service (e.g. social media)

Scope - Defining a project by what is and is not included

Infographic - A visual element utilizing graphics to allow a consumer to more easily understand a complex topic

Hashtag - A way to categorize a tweet or FB post, allowing other users to search for it more easily (e.g. #Sweb) - An online service that allows you to both shorten your links and track not only how many people click on them, but at what time and from what platform

E-commerce - The act of selling a product online

Buzz - How much chatter surrounds your business, people, product, or service

Target market - The audience you are trying to reach and inform about your business

Competitive analysis - A full audit of your competitors, such as what messaging they use, what advantages  they promote, what marketing channels do they use, etc.

Segmentation - Dividing potential buyers or audiences by a common characteristic into individual groups

USP - Unique selling proposition. What makes you different from all of your competitors

WIIFM - What’s in it for me? Telling your customer exactly why they should choose you. How will choosing you benefit them?

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