Everyday you are bound to see some kind of marketing or promotion for a dating site or mobile application. A television commercial, maybe a banner ad.

Industry leaders like match.com and Eharmony are taking over this space. Their key mission is to find the ideal match or companion to fit your needs. Height, interests, profession, dating around vs. husband material. The search is endless.

This process is comparable to a business in need of the perfect marketing agency.

Potential clients have a wide range of needs.

“We’re looking for an agency that is full-service.” - Marriage potential

“Can you do some graphic design for our new campaign?” - Flirty fling

“Our website needs an overhaul.” - Long-term relationship

Oh, and then when you find someone with the same goals, do his or her interests and qualities align with what you are looking for? Analytical, Creative, Loyal, Spontaneous.

Sweb is your one-stop shop. Check out our agency profile.

Birthdate: 3/23Untitled2/2014

Relationship Status: Looking

Bio: Sweb Marketing believes in finding that perfect blend of creativity, strategy, and technology to provide solutions that help your small business reach new heights. We’re your trusted digital marketing consultants.

Qualities: Passionate, analytical, creative, diverse, loyal, flexible, committed

Education: Website development, graphic design, social media, marketing strategy, content writing

What do you think? We can be your one-time designer or full-time agency. We can do everything from turning your brand personality into an advertisement to developing and implementing a full marketing strategy.

Still not sure? Let’s meet! The first date is on us.