Sweb Marketing
Sweb Marketing

Strategic Thinking

for a Digital Age.

s+web / sweb /

noun, verb (swebbed, swebbing)

  1. The process of being creative or coming up with a creative idea
  2. A strategy that results from tapping into digital or “web” resources for insights
  3. The combination of the forename Sarah and the surname Weber

I’ve lived with the nickname “Sweb” for the last 15 years, so it felt very fitting to have it become the name of my business. And thankfully, it pairs perfectly with my approach to marketing over the past 10 years. With experience in a variety of industries from restaurants and bars, to healthcare and CPG, my mission is to help you to use marketing effectively in reaching business objectives.

Sarah Weber

Founder of S+web Marketing, The Pittsburgh Web





Who we are

Gone are the days of just marketing with advertisements that people can’t interact with—think billboards or radio. New, emerging media is now alongside the more traditional tactics, and lucky for us it comes fully loaded with two-way communication.

Retweets, comments, sharing, etc. We get to facilitate it, embrace it and most importantly, leverage it. Now is the time to establish an identity that not only inspires creative, but also allows you to build relationships with consumers that can elevate your business.

Our job?

Help create that identity and translate it into a meaningful, authentic narrative. One that leverages the right platforms at the right times.





What we do




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How we do it

Each time we have the opportunity to work with a new company, restaurant or local business—from a total rebrand to a social media publishing strategy and everything in between—we always sweb. It’s less of a typical step-by-step process and more of a state of mind.

Go beyond the meet and greet.

We want to learn more about your organization than what is just on your website. Collaboration and connection are key to marketing a business or establishing a brand. It’s important to us that we learn your business from the inside out to truly become a partner and extension of your team. Our goal is to represent that “outsider” point of view as you tap into your best potential as an organization.

Establish a roadmap

Is your goal to introduce a new product or service? Tap in to a new market? Turn one-time customers into brand advocates? After we immerse ourselves in your brand, that’s when we take a lap outside, blast some music and even dance at HQ. Setting the scene puts us in the right mindset to facilitate growth for your business.


Then we can get the whiteboards ready and really take advantage of the web and all available resources at our digital fingertips. Market research, competitor landscapes, industry-specific sites—all are crucial to identify the right insight(s) for developing strategy to approaching a new challenge. And once that is established, the marketing world is our oyster.

Create some really cool stuff.

Once we have a strategy—or if we’re getting really nerdy about it, a brief—we get to bring it to life. Whether you’re in need of a holistic creative campaign or specific types of content, we’ll do everything from plan it and create it to post it and promote it. Plus, get ready for some major reporting because what’s a marketing investment without knowing how it performed or what your return looks like?

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A note from S+web

S+web sounds simple—strategy and the digital/creative process—but both sides of the equation are very different. They come from two different sides of the brain and it’s important to find that right combination when trying to grow as an organization. Great creative won’t work without a strategy. And a strategy won’t work without creative that’s going to resonate with your target.

There are so many different ways that your business or restaurant can use s+web. We can serve as:

By working with me and my team, trusted digital marketing experts, you gain access to our resources, connections, and what we’ve learned from trial and error over the years. In an industry that is constantly changing, we are committed to evolving techniques because what worked today may not work tomorrow.


Are you a local Pittsburgh restaurant, bar or business? Ask us about The Pittsburgh Web.





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